Emerge Wisconsin Introduces 2016 Class

For Immediate Release:               January 6, 2016

For More Information, Contact:      Erin Forrest, (608) 577-2269

Milwaukee, WI: Emerge Wisconsin is excited to announce their tenth class of Democratic women. The 2016 Class will follow in the footsteps of current and former elected officials, including Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd ‘11 (Milwaukee), Representative Dianne Hesselbein ’09 (Middleton), County Board Chairwoman Tara Johnson ‘10 (La Crosse) and Alderwoman Jackie Moore ’14 (Ashland).

The Emerge Wisconsin Class of 2016 members are:
Alice Belcher (Brown Deer), Marianne Bloch (Westport), Rebecca Bonesteel (Hudson), Kathryn Carley (Green Bay), Catherine Emmanuelle (Eau Claire), Sarah Gaskell (Verona), Joyce Hall (Hudson) , Kara Hawes (Janesville), Arkesia Jackson (Milwaukee), Kimberly Lawton (Washburn), Lindsay Lemmer (Madison), Autumn Linsmeier (Manitowoc), Angela McManaman (Milwaukee), Marcelia Nicholson (Milwaukee), Stephany Pruitt (Milwaukee), Kaeleen Ringberg (Ashland), Caroline Russell (Madison), Jeanine Schneider (Madison), Briana Schwabenbauer (Holmen), Shonita Skinner (Madison), Ingrid Wadsworth (Poynette), Angeline Winton (Springbrook)

“We are thrilled to welcome this incredibly diverse and dynamic group of women to our 2016 program.  As we begin our tenth class, we know we’re taking another big step toward equal representation of women at all levels of government.” Erin Forrest, Executive Director.

Emerge Wisconsin Board Chair, Diane Odeen, added, “Women across Wisconsin continue to be energized and motivated to run for office. Wisconsin women realize that elected office IS for them. They are coming to Emerge Wisconsin to get the skills resources to run and win!”

Since 2007, Emerge Wisconsin has recruited and trained over 150 Democratic women from across the state to run for office at all levels, providing the tools and a network of support for success in the world of politics.
Nationally, Emerge has expanded to sixteen states to train the next generation of female Democratic leaders across the country. Emerge is located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania,  New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.


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