MADISON, WI: This past Sunday, twenty-one women completed the Emerge Wisconsin training program and stepped out armed for success as future candidates. The graduation ceremony, held at a private residence in Madison, featured a keynote address from Emerge Advisor Peg Lautenschlager, the first women elected as Wisconsin Attorney General.

The Emerge Wisconsin Class of 2014 are:

Adrienne Oliver (Milwaukee)

Ann DeGarmo (Madison)

Anne Molineu (West Bend)

Anne Arndt (Wisconsin Rapids)

Arvina Martin (Madison)

Cecilia Anguiano (Racine)

Emily Palmer (Wauwatosa)

Jacki Gackstatter (Janesville)

Jackie Moore (Ashland)

Julia McNally (Grafton)

Katherine Svitavsky (La Crosse)

Kira Stewart (Madison)

Leanne Wied (Brookfield)

Luz Sosa (Milwaukee)

Peggy Jerome (La Crosse)

Rebecca Ruechel (St. Francis)

Rellen Hardtke (River Falls)

Sharon Hampson (La Crosse)

Shelia Stubbs (Madison)

Wendellyn Stallings (Sussex)

Zonia Lopez Chrostowski (Milwaukee).

“The Class of 2014 is truly a hallmark of the diversity we strive for.  I am enthusiastic about the range of offices they plan to pursue and the statewide impact they will have one day.”  Wendy Strout, Executive Director.

Emerge Wisconsin Board Chair, Paula Zellner, added, “I commend all the graduates; not only are they leaders and contributors to the democratic process, but they set an example for women across the state.  I am proud of the leadership of the Emerge WI Board of Directors and we congratulate all our program participants for their commitment and dedication to representative government at all levels.”

Since 2007, Emerge Wisconsin has recruited and trained 137 Democratic women from across the state to run for office at all levels, providing the tools and a network of support for success in the world of politics. Emerge graduates have gone on to win races ranging from Village Trustee to State Senate. Nationally, Emerge has expanded to fourteen states to train the next generation of female Democratic leaders across the country.   Emerge is located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.



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