Madison women who took part in marches change momentum into action

Hunter Saenz

MADISON (WKOW) -- Women took to the streets around the nation again on Wednesday for International Women's Day and to take part in "A Day Without a Woman" marches. They are some of the same women who took part in similar marches in January and some of them are turning the momentum into action.

Brianna Schwabenbauer trekked to the nations capitol to take part in the march earlier this year. 

"I wanted to be there in that moment with people from all over the world who came to that march," she explained. 

But it's one thing to voice your concern, and another to turn your voice into action.

Schwabenbauer said, in the past month and a half since the march, she's doing her part. 

"I've gotten involved on local candidates campaigns. Whether it's canvassing, or doing some phone banking some letter writing," she said.

She's even gotten her friends involved.

"The ones who I went to march with, we do "legislative action Tuesdays" where we call our representatives," she added. 

Schwabenbauer isn't alone. Analiese Eicher has also been motivated to continue acting since the Washington, D.C. march. Now, she's making sure others get involved. 

"I'm grateful that I have the skill-set that I do and the experiences that I have had politically to help others have those same experiences and to get involved politically," she said.

She and her coworkers have even started an online tool. Subscribers can receive an email once a week to inform them on how they can take political action every week. 

Both women say they see the road ahead and they'll be sure to be on it every step of the way. 

"Women know how to raise their voices now more than ever," said Schwabenbauer. 

Now, both of them are urging others to continue acting.

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