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Apr 8 2017

Watch this clip from Up Front with Mike Gousha and hear from Paula Phillips, newly elected Milwaukee Public School Board member, who is in the Emerge Class of 2017, about her and other candidates success in the program! 

Apr 7 2017

How underrepresented are women in elected offices in Wisconsin?

"Horrifyingly underrepresented," says Erin Forrest, executive director of Emerge Wisconsin, which helps Democratic women run for office. "Seventy-five percent of the town boards in Wisconsin," Forrest claimed, "have no women on them at all."

Apr 3 2017

The gubernatorial race isn’t the only election on Democrats’ minds. Erin Forrest, a guest on the the talk show “Capital City Sunday,” argued for the importance of local elections.

“We also talk about the local level, because a lot of things that, from our perspective, need to be protected, that’s the only place we can do it right now,” she said. “A lot of important things happen on your city council or village board.”

Mar 27 2017

Emerge Board of Directors Chair and Alumnae Diane Odeen is running to serve a third term on the River Falls City Council.
"My parents taught me that you should work to make things better than how you found them, and I'd like to continue to help do that for the city so that other families can build a great future here."

Mar 23 2017

Fifteen women who participated in candidate training programs administered by Emerge Wisconsin are on April 4 ballots in the state. Emerge Wisconsin is considered the premiere training program for Democratic women in the state.

Mar 8 2017

Emerge Wisconsin Alumnae Analiese Eicher and Briana Schwabenbauer both took part in the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. and are working to continually engage others after the march.
Analiese and her coworkers have even started an online tool. Subscribers can receive an email once a week to inform them on how they can take political action every week.

Mar 7 2017

Madison, Wisconsin (CNN) Alyson Leahy remembers sobbing as election results came in...While the result of the election infuriated her, it also sparked something much greater inside her.

"It also made me realize that everyday involvement is key, and that I couldn't afford to sit around anymore sharing Facebook posts and avoiding real work," Leahy says.

For Leahy, and many other women, it is an incredibly personal choice after the election, says Erin Forrest, executive director at Emerge Wisconsin. The group is part of Emerge America, founded in 2002 to identify female community leaders and train them to run for office…

Charisse Daniels knows the importance of community. She is currently a part of the Emerge Wisconsin Class of 2017. As an early childhood-community liaison she trains professionals and advocates for Head Start, which promotes child development and education beginning at a young age...

She marched in Madison, Wisconsin, and realized she cared about the same things her Republican neighbors care about: manufacturing jobs disappearing, wages stagnating, communities like Watertown disappearing.
"We care about the same issues," Daniels says. "We can fix them together."...

So she made a decision. She'd like to run for mayor of Watertown. Daniels knows it's an uphill climb as a young woman of color in a conservative district...

"Women are more than half the population and only a quarter of elected officials. That's a problem," says Emerge's Forrest. "It's not breaking into the old boys' club, it's creating the new girls' club.


Feb 16 2017

Erin Forrest, executive director of the Wisconsin arm of Emerge America, another group that supports Democratic women candidates, said in a statement, " We talk about online harassment as an unfortunate reality. Much like other forms of sexism you don't necessarily get to avoid it if you don't run for office."


Jan 29 2017

Donald Trump's surprise win in November lit a fire under Carolyn Clow, a county purchasing agent in Madison, Wisconsin. On Saturday, she attended her first in a series of classes on how to run for office.

"If we learn anything as a liberal community, I'd hope that it's time to stop thinking 'I'd like to do something,' and time to take that action," said Clow, 43, who is running for the village board in her town outside of Madison in the April election with the help of an organization that recruits Democratic women candidates.

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