Emerge Wisconsin is extremely proud of the Emerge Wisconsin alumnae who stood up and said "Yes, I will run."  Thank you to every single one for running and working to serve your community in elected office.

One of Emerge Wisconsin's success stories is the increase of Emerge Wisconsin Alumnae serving in the State Assembly.  The total number of Emerge Alumnae increased from 3 to 7!

Congratulations to the following alumnae who won their elections on Tuesday. 
State Senate:
Nikiya Harris, '11 (6th Senate District

State Assembly:
Representative Penny Bernard Schaber '07 (57th Assembly District)
Representative Jill Billings '11 (95th Assembly District)

Dianne Hesselbein '09 (79th Assembly District)
La Tonya Johnson '12
(17th Assembly District)
Melissa Sargent '12 (48th Assembly District)
Mandy Wright '12 (85th Assembly District)
Representative JoCasta Zamarripa, '10
(8th Assembly District)

County Clerk
Ginny Dankmeyer '12 (La Crosse)
Mary Schuch-Krebs '08 (Kenosha)

Congratulations to all of our alumnae who ran!  We are extremely proud of you!
Note: As of this email we are still waiting for final results from one of our alumna's races.

We also want to congratulate Emerge Advisor Tammy Baldwin on her election to the U.S. Senate!  We are so proud of her success and her glass ceiling shattering leadership!

Congratulations All Around!

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