Congratulations to all of our alumnae on Tuesday's ballot

A word from Wendy Strout, Executive Director of Emerge WI:

Emerge alumnae across Wisconsin were on the ballot Tuesday. Congratulations to ALL of them for their commitment to serve their community as an elected official. We know all of the hard work they put in leading up to April 1.

Thank you so much to Julie Jansch, Kimberly Kane, Diana Lawrence, Pat McPartland, and Mary Von Ruden who all ran amazing races and came up just a little short this time around.

We hope you will all run again very soon!

Congratulations to those who won their races Tuesday.

Julie Allen (Class of 2013) - Lincoln County Supervisor District 19
Annette Ashley (Class of 2011) - Middleton-Cross Plains Area School Board Director
Carousel Andrea Bayrd (Class of 2009) - Dane County Supervisor District 8
Carol Beals (Class of 2010) - Grant County Supervisor District 13
Leah Blough (Class of 2011) - Kenosha County Supervisor District 12
Jenni Dye (Class of 2013) - Dane County Supervisor District 33
Tara Johnson (Class of 2010) - La Crosse County Board District 29
Mary Kolar (Class of 2013) - Dane County Supervisor District 1
Judy Smriga (Class of 2011) - Clark County Supervisor District 7

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